Hajrudin Muhic was born on May 31st in 1996, in Bihac (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
In 2015 he graduated from Music High School “Savo Balaban”, (Piano  Department) in Prijedor - class of the Professor Sofija Kovacevic.
After completing secondary education, he enrolled in the Academy of Arts in Banja Luka (Piano Department), as a full-time student. He began his studies in the class of Professor - Snjezana Popovic-Vuleta, M.M., and he is currently attending the fourth year of his studies in the class of Professor Dejan Jankovic, PhD. In 2016, among the Piano Department, he enrolled in the Composition Department at the Academy of Arts in Banja Luka, in the class of Professor Tatjana Milosevic-Mijanovic, PhD, where he was ranked first among all candidates in the qualifying examination.
During his studies, he achieved great results in the country and the region. He participated in many competitions, concerts, seminars and cultural events. He has achieved some great results as a pianist and as a composer and he has won numerous awards as a soloist, member of the chamber ensemble and as a composer. His professional development includes courses with the eminent pianists such as:  Arnulf von Arnim (Germany - Frankfurt Musikhochschule and Münster), Alan Fraser (USA), Vladimir Krpan (Laus Academy 2015 - Croatia), Julia Gubaidullina (Moldova), Aleksandar Serdar (Serbia), Vladimir Milosevic (Serbia), Alessandro Paparo (Italy), and German composer Nikolai Brücher.
Hajrudin is the author of several compositions for different ensembles and solo instruments. His compositions were performed in different countries around the world. The most remarkable compositions are: “Five ways of life” for piano solo, “The City” for prepared piano, “Loved ones quarrel” for violin and piano, “Homo ludens” poem for string quartet and narrator, “Homo viator” collection of compositions for soprano and piano and “Good and bad run together” for violoncello and piano. He was given the “Cvjetko Rihtman” award by the Association of Composers – Music Authors of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as the best composition student in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
He has won the first prize in the Piano Solo category at the international competitions: “Art in Veles 2017” (Macedonia) and “Arandjelovac 2018” (Serbia) as well as second prizes at the international competitions: “Banjalucki Bijenale 2018” (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and “Daleki akordi 2018” (Croatia).
Hajrudin was rewarded as the best student of Academy of Arts in Banja Luka, within manifestation "Vlado S. Milosevic’s Days 2018". He is an active member of the Singing Society “Jedinstvo” (Union) from Banja Luka, conducted by the Professor Nemanja Savic, M.M., acting as the accompanist to the choir.

Hajrudin is the organizer of a festival called “Zvuci klasike” (The Sounds of Classics) within which he holds solo concerts throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, performing the works of world-known composers and his own works. During September 2017, he has held eight solo concerts within the festival, and they were all held in different cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
He is the author of the official soundtrack for the motion picture “In manus tuas” produced by Milana Majar (Radio-Television of Republic of Srpska) which was awarded as the best documentary in Serbia, Ukraine and Portugal.
At the concert “Muzika kao Apolon” (Music as Apollon) held May, 13th - 2019, he played Piano Concerto op.20 by Alexander Scriabin with Symphonic Orchestra of the Academy of Arts in Banja Luka conducted by Dusan Urosevic.
As a part of a project supported by “Musicological Society of Republic of Srpska” and “Academy of Arts of University in Banja Luka”, Muhic signs notography, design and reduction for the reconstruction of the manuscript by respectable Bosnian composer - Vlado S Milosevic (1901-1990).
Besides musical engagement, he has significantly contributed to the education system. From 2011 to 2015 he works as a software developer and as a designer with the purpose of improvement and modernization of musical literacy for South-Europe musical standards. Educational software “Malleus” is analyzed and criticized in several highly acclaimed publications and doctoral dissertations.
“The results have indicated that modules of educational software Malleus can be applied in the process of musical literacy courses in the local pedagogical area. Also, test confirmed that the software includes the work on intonation and that the level of applicability varies by disciplines.“ - Sasa Pavlovic, PhD; “Our school” – Journal for the theory and practice of education no.1/vol.24
His piano repertoire includes works of world-famous composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Domenico Scarlatti, Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Liszt, Frederic Chopin, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Bela Bartok, Alexander Scriabin and works of national composers such as Vlastimir Percic, Konstantin Babic, etc.
During his studies, he had received a prestigious - “dr. Milan Jelic” scholarship as one of the best students in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

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