Hajrudin is the author of several compositions for different ensembles and solo instruments. His compositions were performed in different countries around the world. The most remarkable compositions are: “Five ways of life” for piano solo, “The City” for prepared piano, “Loved ones quarrel” for violin and piano, “Homo ludens” poem for string quartet and narrator, “Homo viator” collection of compositions for soprano and piano and “Good and bad run together” for violoncello and piano. He was given the “Cvjetko Rihtman” award by the Association of Composers – Music Authors of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as the best composition student in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
He is the author of the official soundtrack for the motion picture “In manus tuas” produced by Milana Majar (Radio-Television of Republic of Srpska) which was awarded as the best documentary in Serbia, Ukraine and Portugal.


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